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We specialise in fiction & non fiction children's education books  up the age of 11.


We produce & publish high quality local history books for children that are fun and entertaining, whilst at the same time providing an educational platform into the world of reading & history.


Fairyfaye Publications

would like to thank

A.K. Watford for

illustrating Nautical Chaos


The Author


Faye Beerling grew up in a National Children's Home in Chislehurst, Kent. Many of her happy adventures there would later become those of her riverside characters in her first publication, Nautical Chaos. Now a full-time writer she has completed the River Tales series, which includes, 'Nautical Chaos, 'A Country Ramble, and 'A Very Windy Day. She has gone on to write a children's education book all about how Herne Bay came to have it's very own free-standing Clock Tower titled, 'Tales From The Clock Tower,' and is currently writing book two in the 'Tales From The Clock Tower' series. Her books have gone global with copies being sold as far out as Australia!


If you would like to contact her personally you can reach her via her agent at; fairyfayepublications@gmail.com

The Illustrator


Gareth Bowler has been drawing from a dot from the year dot. He was one a child and then got bigger and bigger and hairier but decided not to grow up as it seemed a bit boring. He did, however, get better at drawing and would like a little tiny bot of, at least, some world acclaim and, if it calls for it, some admiration, He lives with his wife and two children in a house.


If you would like to contact Gareth personally or see more of his casual doodling you can by visiting;





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